ETel Conference Preview at Where 2.0

by Bruce Stewart

I'm blogging from O'Reilly's Where 2.0 conference this week and if you're interested in mapping and location-based services you should click on over to our conference coverage page to read about this lively show. I was happy to see a preview of our upcoming Emerging Telephony conference on the schedule, and ETel conference chairs Surj Patel and Brady Forrest did a great job of summarizing the interesting developments we'll be examining in the communications space at the next ETel conference. It makes a lot of sense to preview ETel here as there's a good amount of overlap between the location-based services being discussed here at Where 2.0 and the emerging communications technologies that we cover at our ETel conference and on this site.

Patel explained how we're tracking things like the growth in open source communications tools and VoIP, and will be featuring presentations that demonstrate the innovations that are happening on the edge of the telecom networks, and not just looking at the industry from a telco perspective. The conference will provide a forum for developers who may feel marginalized by the traditional telco models. ETel will also address issues like security and surveillance topics and the regulatory hurdles that are impacting telecom innovation in the U.S.

Patel noted that the recent decision to apply CALEA to all VoIP providers will likely spur innovation among hackers interested in communication technology along with the potential stifling of innovation that many are predicting. Clearly the ramifications of the new CALEA application will be one topic of interest at the ETel conference.

The Emerging Telephony conference will be held at the San Francisco Airport Marriott on next February 27 - March 1. Mark your calendars now!