ETel Conference: Ruby on Rails + Asterisk

by Bruce Stewart

Kind of like peanut butter and chocolate...RoR and Asterisk seem to go together very nicely, if you're looking for rapid deployment of voice/web applications. Joe Heitzeberg just gave a very hands-on presentation on RAGI, an open-source framework for bridging the Ruby on Rails web application server environment and Asterisk. With the use of a screencast, Joe walked the audience through creating a simple app that queried a web page for package tracking info and offered that information up via a dial-up telephone interface using Asterisk. It took all of about 30 minutes, and half of that was explaining the steps. If you want to experiment with tying voice to web apps or need a rapid voice development platform, you should definitely check out RAGI.


joe h
2006-01-24 23:33:32
I've just posted the slides, screencast and a tutorial PDF corresponding to the talk. Here it is: