ETel Conference: Spark Parking

by Bruce Stewart

At last night's ETel fair I was intrigued by the model being deployed by Spark Parking, a start-up that wants to bring high tech to your favorite urban parking lot. They have developed ruggedly-encased sensors that get placed on the ground of each parking spot and transmit information over wi-fi to a server that you can interact with via your cell phone. You drive in, call a number and enter the parking space number and your credit card number (if it's not already in the system), and then go off on your way. No need for tickets, attendants, or standing in line to access those funky parking lot payment machines. Pretty nifty idea.


Edd Dumbill
2006-01-27 13:21:43
They've just introduced cellphone based parking charging in my home city. It will SMS you when your parking's about to run out and let you renew over the phone. More details here.