ETel Coverage: Asterisk - Still Delivering the Future

by Jim Van Meggelen

Mark Spencer is having fun again.

Mark started off his presentation by apologizing for some of the older applications in Asterisk that are due for an overhaul. With his newfound freedom to focus on the technical direction of Asterisk, Mark will be able to give more attention to the future direction of these applications. With Mark's demonstrated ability to create innovative technologies, I am looking forward to the results of his efforts in these areas.

As an example of Mark's creative approach to demand for new features, the Asterisk GUI Framework is a very important bit of new thinking. While there are no shortage of GUIs available for Asterisk, they all to some degree or another put Asterisk in the background, and limit your flexibility to whatever the GUI supports. In contrast to this, the Asterisk GUI Framework does not provide you with a GUI, but rather it provides the building blocks to allow you to create one (without limiting the power of the underlying platform). This is a very important concept, and as the framework matures we can expect to see some interesting new capabilities from Asterisk in the interface area.

It's funny to think that at a conference like ETel, where we have our minds five, ten or more years in the future, Asterisk just cannot rate as new technology. At the end of his talk, Mark made time for questions, but there weren't many. To my mind, this was not because Asterisk is irrelevant, uninteresting or obsolete, but rather that it is an old friend. A familiar, proven technology on which to realize some of our dreams. No questions.

Thanks for Asterisk, Mark. Keep those ideas coming!