ETel Coverage: Funniest demo ever!

by Matthew Gast

Summer Bedard of NYU's ITP program just showed off an Asterisk-driven queue program. Queue managers aren't really that interesting because most of them operate on a FIFO basis, perhaps with levels of priority for a few different classes of service. In this queue manager, callers compete with each other for places in the queue by answering questions.

The queue asks a series of questions, and depending on your answer, it will move you up and down the queue. For example:

Queue: "Are you decisive?" (yes)
But, if the answer isn't fast enough, you move down the queue.

The funniest part of the demonstration was the following couplet:
Queue: "Do you procrastinate?" (yes)
(relatively long pause)
"Would you like to answer this question later?"

To try it for yourself, just call the phone number on the web page.