ETel In Your Language Via The Worldwide Lexicon

by Brian McConnell

The Worldwide Lexicon Project ( is an open source translation project I've worked on for many years. We're pleased to announce that ETel is one of our first testers. WWL is an experiment in collaborative translation. If you speak other languages, you can help make ETel and other sites accessible in your language. Here's how it works:

WWL watches participating sites for new articles, currently via RSS, other options coming soon
The site directs its own readers, some of whom are bilingual, to WWL to contribute translations
Readers go to WWL to view and edit translations (over 60 languages are currently supported).
The translations are re-published via HTML and RSS (so you can import a translated version of ETel directly into your site.

The demo, currently at, is pretty basic. To view or contribute translations just scroll down to ETel, and then click on the two letter language code for the language you want to read or translate to. Then you'll see a list of articles (if the title is blue, nobody has contributed a translation yet). At the bottom of the site's headlines, you'll see a RSS feed that contains the translations to that language.

We're planning lots of additional features (read on to learn more)

SHORTCUT: if you're going to be contributing translations to ETEL on a regular basis, you can use this shortcut (, just replace ES with the two or three letter language code for your language or dialect. URLs will change, so watch the WWL site for updates.


2007-04-21 02:46:58
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