ETel Postmortem: Work, Work, Work

by Moshe Yudkowsky

I think the ETel 2007 conference generated more post-conference work than any I've been at in years. I gave out all my business cards by the end of the conference -- I think I had two left by the time I returned to Disaggreate HQ here in Chicago -- and I received quite a handful in return.

Unlike other conferences, just about each and every card I received is from someone I'd like to keep in touch with. It's going to take weeks to sort it all out, get the names into my database, and send out the emails. But then again, it's wonderful to have that sort of problem.


Dan York
2007-03-06 07:33:26
Agreed! It was quite an excellent show. Nice meeting you (and so many others) out there.

Dan York

Pat Phelan
2007-03-06 12:51:15
It was very good to meet you Moshe, I especially enjoyed our food talk at breakfast.
Consuelo Alcasar
2007-07-21 08:44:36
Is there any chance of organizing similar events somewhere in Europe? Consuelo