by Dejan Bosanac

This weekend I attended EuroFoo conference at the University of Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands. The concept of the conference was great. There were no official sessions, but the whole idea was that intenders create the conference schedule.
Although, there were no much Java people and sessions on Java, it was very valuable to see what people from other open source communities are working on.
Rickard Oberg's presentation of the AOP framework, they have developed and use internally on their project, was very interesting.
Also, there were few sessions for book-lovers and people who are interested in writing. There, you could hear discussions on what makes good book and how to approach technical writing. Tim gave very nice talk on the book selling trends and how it reflects industry trends.
Tim's "Open source paradigm shift" talk was truly inspiring.
People from Python, PHP and Apache communities talked about development model they follow. As a PHP user, I found very interesting the lack of organisation in PHP development process.
Ivan Ristic gave interesting talk on Web application security. This topic should be important to wide range of developers but too many people seems to disregard it.
Beside these "official" sessions there were few casual events that were very amusing. I specially liked "lightening talks" sessions were people that only need five minutes has spoken. "Gadget olympics" gave chance for intenders to show their favorite gadget. The blinkenlights project hooked me immediately. Great idea.
All in all, it was great fun.