EUSecWest/core06 coming up tomorrow...

by Justin Clarke

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The first annual EUSecWest conference (from the organisers of PacSec and CanSecWest) kicks off in London tomorrow. I'll be there, speaking on Tuesday, and blogging some detail about each of the talks.

These are the talks that have been accepted:

  • van Hauser THC / n.runs GmbH
    Attacking the IPv6 protocol suite

  • Javier Burroni & Carlos Sarraute - Core Security Technologies
    Analyzing OS fingerprints using Neural Networks and Statistical Machinery

  • Nguyen Anh Quynh - Keio University
    XEBEK: A Next Generation Honeypot Monitoring System

  • Fred Raynal - EADS
    Malicious Crypto

  • Cesar Cerrudo - Argeniss
    Windows Local Shellcode Injection

  • Andrew Cushman - Microsoft
    Microsoft Security Fundamentals

  • Shreeraj Shah - Net Square
    Advanced Web Hacking - Attacks & Defense

  • Justin Clarke - Ernst & Young LLP
    Practical Automated Web Application Attack Techniques

  • Andy Davis - IRM PLC
    ColdFusion Security

  • Tim Hurman - Pentest Ltd.
    ARMed Combat: The Fight For Personal Security

  • Raffael Marty - ArcSight
    A Visual Approach to Security Event Management

  • Michael Boman - KPMG Singapore
    Network Security Monitoring: Theory and Practice

  • Jim DeLeskie & Danny McPherson - Teleglobe, Arbor Networks
    Protecting the Infrastructure

  • Andrea Barisani - Inverse Path
    Lessons in Open Source Security: The Tale of a 0-Day Incident

More details here tomorrow :-)