Even better than the other thing

by Giles Turnbull

On the offchance that you're

  • a keen U2 fan who doesn't already own an iPod, or

  • really into black and red, or

  • obsessive about being more different than all the other different people,

you might well want to buy one of these:


It costs a little more than a standard iPod - $329 versus $299 for a plain white 30GB - and the only difference, as confirmed by the comparison chart is the black and red shell. Oh, and there's coupon for 30 minutes of U2 video from the iTMS (which isn't available in all countries, watch out for that).


2006-06-06 19:56:52
i has a black stell backing . . . that is kind of cool.
2006-06-06 23:02:35
Didn't it used to come pre-loaded with the complete works of U2?
2006-06-07 01:38:39
iTunes music vouchers can be redeemed anywhere, not just in the country of origin. It sucks that NZ doesn't have ITMS!