Ever Try to Get Someone to Say Something Bad About Someone Else?

by William Grosso

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Ever try to followup on a job applicant's references? Maybe contact an applicant's old boss, to see what they're really like? In California, you won't find out much. Every manager I know won't say anything negative about an ex-employee. Because if they do, there might be a lawsuit later on. Many won't say anything positive either, because then the "more negative" responses could be grounds for a lawsuit.

This is awful. Ever had a bad hire who "aced the interview" ? Ever thought "Geez. I wish somebody'd warned me" ? Ever wondered why you didn't hear "Are you kidding? I wouldn't trust him to take out the garbage by himself" instead of "Yes, he worked for us and was a team player on a number of projects."

Well, now, officially, it's your fault.