Everything You Need to Know about the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference

by Derrick Story

Whether you're here at the Westin Santa Clara, or working at your job in London, England, here's what you need to know to follow the activities at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference.

  • The Official Conference Coverage Page is the main watering hole for conference-related weblogs, pictures, interviews, and feature articles. We'll also be listing news coverage from outside sources here. Online MP3 interviews and photos will start appearing Monday evening, and updates will be posted through out the week.

  • The At-a-Glance Session and Events Page helps you quickly find who is speaking about what and where. Very handy.

  • To register for conference passes, use our handy online registration page.

  • The BOFs are listed here.

  • We've set up a Conference Wiki that attendees can use to share thoughts and relay information to one another.

  • If you want to track the conference sessions and events in iCal, you can subscribe here.

  • To provide us with valuable feedback, here are our online evaluation forms.

  • And for general Panther and Mac OS X news for developers and power users, don't forget to keep an eye on Mac DevCenter, your one-stop Mac information zone.

Please remember if you're here at the show and using our wireless network, to turn off Internet Sharing. For last minute tips if you're heading out the door, check out my Top Ten Tips for Mac Conference Goers. And most importantly, say hi if you see me at the show. I'll be signing books at the conference bookstore on Wednesday afternoon at 3:15 pm.