Evolution 2.0 Looking Sweet!

by Steve Mallett

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The Evolution "workgroup information management" project had best be on your radar as a killer app to add to your linux desktop either at home or at your enterprise.

With it's 2.0 release last week we thought some screenshots would be appropriate.



2004-09-27 11:17:35
More Screenshots?
The first version of Evolution had an overview page that would show tasks, calendar appointments and number of unread/total emails in a folder. It was much like the "Outlook Totay" section of Microsoft Outlook.

Do they still have this feature? Do you have any screen shots of it if they do?

-Thank you-


2004-09-28 02:52:51
Still waiting for gnome productivity tools to talk to each other
I already use evolution 1.4 its nice but I would be a lot happier if I could share tasks between Planner and TimeTracker and Evolution, and have updates reflected in each.

Unfortunately I still can't add or update tasks in Evolution from outside which is a shame, I could probably try and link Planner dates to the calender but it looks like a lot of hassle.

Hopefully I can write an rss feed for bugzilla that I can use in my Summary in Evolution - that would be a start - it would a lot better if I could have bugzilla bugs asigned to me appear in my tasks in Evolution .. that would be sweet.

2007-06-12 01:15:33
keep up the good work