eWeek writeup on AquaLogic Service Bus

by David A. Chappell

Related link: http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,1897577,00.asp

e-Week recently did a writeup of BEA Aqualogic. I find it intriguing that the opening sentence gives credit to Sonic ESB as being more mature and capable -

"While the aqualogic product has "service bus" in its name, BEA describes it mainly as a platform for managing services. This is probably a good thing, because as a straight ESB, AquaLogic Service Bus is merely competent and is clearly less mature and capable than more established ESBs, such as Sonic Software Corp.'s Sonic ESB."

How cool is that?!

The article concludes with a ESB vendor shortlist, which says this about Sonic ESB -

"Sonic Software's Sonic ESB The product that defined the ESB category and the most mature and capable; when coupled with Sonic SOA Suite, it is a powerful services platform (www.sonicsoftware.com) "



2005-12-29 12:24:20
Curious what eWeek and your own opinion of ServiceMix (www.servicemix.org) would be? Some within the community feel that it is better architected than Sonic but luckily the world will never learn about it because industry analysts don't ever make the effort to cover open source software.


John M
2006-06-09 11:53:13
Of course the article starts off by saying how great Sonic's ESB is: the author works for Sonic (chappell@sonicsoftware.com). He is also Sonic's ESB evangelist.