Experiments in Digital Journalism and Blogging at Macromedia DevCon 2002

by Timothy Appnel

Macromedia's annual developers conference, DevCon 2002, began in Orlando today. In his weblog, Macromedia CTO Jeremy Allaire notes, "one of the most interesting things that we're doing is trying to leverage our community managers and other blogging Macromedians to keep the extended community of developers up to speed with what's happening at the conference. While we're certainly not the first group of people to religously blog conferences, speeches and events, I think we're the first major software company to do live, employee-driven blogging of a corporate event, and certainly the first to integrate audio and video into our digital journalism toolbox."

The audio and video postings from the conference are located here. A SOAP web services of the can be found at http://bilbo.macromedia.com/devconblog/activeblogs.cfc?wsdl. For fun and kicks I banged out a quick script that converts the data from their SOAP Web service to an RSS feed every 15 minutes. My feed can be found here.

What do you think of Macromedia blogging experiments with audio and video?