eXplorations, Episode #2: Ajax - Fad or Foundation?

by M. David Peterson

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eXplorations, Episode #2: Ajax
In this show Kurt and I discuss Ajax, the difference between the "brand" and the actual unerlying technologies, and whether or not the underlying foundation which Ajax attempts to define is here to stay or will soon go away. This time around is less of a debate and more of a discussion, but is interesting none-the-less ;) Please note, it is now available in both MP3 and WMA formats. The WMA file weighs in at about 1/2 the size but not quite the sound quality of the MP3, but close.

Speaking in terms of quality, this time around is 10 times better than the last, so we're definitely getting there. I've also created a WMA and MP3 file, the WMA weighs in at half the size, the MP3 sounds a bit better.

Both Kurt and I are excited to see the positive response we've seen via downloads of our podcasts and the response to the content in general. We're having fun... Thanks for listening!

Please note: This was recorded on the same night as the last podcast (around the 21st of Dec.) I mention a post that I will have posted "tomorrow" which is true... it was just the day after we recorded and is already available now.

We'd love to hear about content ideas, etc... Please comment here or on the above linked blog entry with comments, criticisms, or requests. Thanks again for listening!