eXplorations, Episode #5: XML, Open Source, and The Bottom Line

by M. David Peterson

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So Kurt has already provided an introduction short story novel that covers the content of this podcast quite nicely, no need to add to or take away from what already exists. :)

This time around we have ~ 23 minutes of the spoken word, ~ 1 minute of intro music, and ~ 1 minute of follow-up music thats adds a bit to both ends of the commentary. As usual, eXplorations can be enjoyed in MP3 and WMA format. This time around, however, we are also including a version in Ogg Vorbis (OGG) which, as crazy at it might seem, sounds as good as the MP3 and pretty close to the WMA, yet weights in at only 7,528k compared to 17,247KB for the MP3, and 11,642 for the WMA.

Not too shabby for a patent free, freely usable, open source, open standard, DRG free media format (that doesn't cost anything either);)

Enjoy! :)

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eXplorations is Copyright 2006, Kurt Cagle and M. David Peterson, and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

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2006-07-20 05:45:30
Great show again. And thanks for the Ogg Vornis format. It is by far my favourite. Small and high quality.
M. David Peterson
2006-07-20 10:59:55
Hey, thanks Klaus! I agree with your evaluation regarding Ogg Vorbis. While it seems to me that there are WAY TOO MANY subscription services that are using the DRM version of the WMA format for there to be much chance, if any, for Ogg Vorbis to take market share, I do believe that its only a matter of time before we see Ogg becoming the defacto replacement standard for MP3.

The one piece that is currently missing is the ability to easily find and use converstion tools. For your average hacker the current toolbase is fine... no problems finding tools (commandline or gui) that will convert a MP3 or similar to Ogg. But for your average computer user I think there's still a bit that needs to take place before Ogg is primed to take on MP3 head-to-head.

re: DRM'd WMA: Of course, it would OBVIOUSLY be better if we could lose the DRM'd portion of this, but we have to hope for the best, while taking one step at a time... :)

That said, here's to hope (meta: 'virtual raise of virtual pint) :D