[eXplorations:Store] New eXplorations Amazon aStore Now Live!

by M. David Peterson

Received an email today from Amazon Associates regarding their new aStore Beta.

About 30 minutes from start to finish, and the new eXplorations "Store" is open for business :D

eXplorations : Featured Music, Books, and Other Items of Interest

NOTE: It needs some work, yes, but not bad for 30 minutes of work!

While obviously not the only reason why one would want to open up an aStore, providing a simple, easy to access, and easy to purchase from store front in which we can highlight all of the musicians in whom provide the intro and exit music for our shows, as well as any particular products we might speak about, this is yet one more fine example of how Amazon has and is paving the way into the next generation of community-based eCommerce.

SWEET! Thanks (again) Amazon!

I think its time for another show :) Yo, Kurt! ;) :D


Amazon aStore
2006-11-01 18:54:53
After trying out aStore's feature set, I decided to enhance it a bit. I setup aSensibleStore.com, which tracks statistics, allow you to add AdSense ads and allows you to include your aStore directly in your code without iFrames.

Please use the contact form on the website if you have any questions or new features you'd like to see.