Explore Tiger's Core Image Filters with Image Tricks

by Derrick Story

When I first got my hands on Tiger, I dabbled with Core Image Fun House. It's stashed in your Developer folder (Developer > Applications > Graphics Tools), and it provides access to 10.4's Core Image Filters. The problem with Fun House is that it's a demo app, and after a while... it isn't all that fun.

BeLight Software has reinvigorated my interest in playing with Core Image filters thanks to their new free application, Image Tricks. Unlike Fun House, Image Tricks has a refined UI that invites you to open a picture and start playing. A few hours later, you might even get to what was really on your ToDo list for the evening. Or not.

Image Tricks is a terrific tool for exploring some of the imaging goodies Apple has tucked inside Tiger's coat. Set aside an hour and give it a try. I think you'll have a ball.