Expo news for home automators

by Gordon Meyer

With Macworld Expo 2007 opening tomorrow, I'm starting this place to keep track of product announcements of interest to home security and automation enthusiasts. I'm starting out with just two, but I'll update this as more come to my attention. If you're aware of any, please leave a comment.

Indigo 2.0
The latest version of Perceptive Automation's home automation software goes gold with a new client-server architecture, enhanced support for Insteon devices, irrigation systems, Universal binary, and a new "control pages" features for building AJAX-based web sites to control your home. Upgrade ($90) and introductory pricing ($180) is available at their website. Macworld Booth: N4234-6

Phone Valet 5
This home and small business phone automation package adds several new features including unlimited voice call trees, expanded Address Book integration, and something called "CCT". That's "Call Completion Technology," a patented approach to ensuring that incoming calls are smoothly directed to a live person or voice mail, if no one is available to answer. See their website for details. Macworld Booth: S1912

Toast 8
OK, it's not exactly related to home automation, but there's such a big overlap with home theatre geeks that I'm going to include it anyway. Roxio Toast 8 Titanium includes TiVoToGo functionality. Finally, Mac users can transfer recorded shows to their iPod, Mac, or burn them on DVD. There are plenty of other new features, but for me, this is the only one that matters. More details at their website. Macworld Booth: 314


2007-01-08 10:28:49
The link to Perceptive Automation's site is pointing to the article on O'Reilly. Otherwise thanks for the tips!
Gordon Meyer
2007-01-08 10:37:05
Whoops! Thanks, Mike. I've fixed it now.
Greg Smith
2007-01-08 16:54:02
I'd like to know what's going on with the Smarthome people, hoping for some new Insteon stuff!
Gordon Meyer
2007-01-08 17:36:05
Me, too, Greg. I'll try to keep an eye on CES, too. That's where Smarthome is likely to release anything new. (Or, hopefully, other INSTEON providers.)