Extension to Google Maps vs. MSN Virtual Earth | UnderstandingWebServices.com/mapping Community Wiki now live

by M. David Peterson

Related link: http://www.openunderstanding.com/mapping/wiki/index.php

As mentioned in the intro, I have taken a few moments to set-up a communtiy wiki such that we can begin to work together to develop a one of a kind resource regarding web service-based mapping technologies such as Google Maps, MSN Virtual Earth, and Yahoo! Maps.

Located at http://www.openunderstanding.com/mapping/wiki/ the first paragraph reads:

Welcome! Please excuse the obvious abuse of using a pre-existing image as a place holder until such time as I have a moment to create one more specific to this site, UnderstandingWebServices.com with a focus on "Mapping" technologies. Until just a few minutes ago it hadn't occured to me to crack open one of the Understanding*.com sites I own and begin to make use of them from a community perspective. This seemed to be the best choice to host this topic, so I've quickly set this up such that we can work together as a community to start development of interesting content, pointers to cool mapping projects, code samples, etc...

UPDATE: For reasons of consolidation and to avoid confusion I have moved everything under the openunderstanding.com domain. I have updated the links accordingly. I am in proc ess of moving the content from the old server to the new server. If you attempt to access these links and they don't seem to work, the move in still in progress. Thanks in advance for your patience!

At the moment, I invite anyone and everyone with interest to take part in this community-based effort to begin documenting and sharing with each other all that we can regarding the latest and greatest extension projects, the underlying base API's, links to books and online resources to learn more, etc...

To kick things off I have created a "services" namespace and added two pages to begin keeping track of each and every extension project for MSN Virtual Earth and Google Maps. You can go directly to either of these following one of the links below:

MSN Virtual Earth API Extensions Projects
Google Maps API Extension Projects

Now we're back on even ground :) If you have something to say and would like to document your own findings, posting images, links, etc... to help back up your comments, you now are completely enabled to do just that in a central location in which we all can benefit from.

Oh, and I still plan a follow-up to this post in another day or two, but wanted to get the ball rolling with this ASAP such that you all can get involved in a way that sounds a lot less like my voice and a lot more like yours.

Or better said, ours :)

With that, Enjoy!

Please visit the wiki and post your comments there. Thanks! :)