Extreme Markup program finalized

by Simon St. Laurent

Related link: http://www.extrememarkup.com/extreme/2004/schedule.asp

The complete schedule for Extreme Markup Languages 2004 is now available. If you have an interest in XML, SGML, or other markup approaches, or a broader interest in ways to structure and represent data, Extreme is a great place to fill your head with new ideas. (Montreal in August is also a great place for it.)

There are presentations on XML and object models, as well as a number on frequent topics like stylesheets, schemas, and querying. A number of presentations are targeted at people managing large volumes of information and metadata, covering things like Topic Maps, ontologies, and RDF. My favorite category of talks looks at the places where XML doesn't work very well, and proposes solutions for those problems. I'd like to know more about "Relaxing with Son of ODD," certainly!

The tutorials are well worth a look as well. Extreme manages to reach beyond the basics into subjects that improve the way people work with markup.

Judging from the program, it will once again do what I like best about Extreme: make people think, and drive them to ask questions.

Hope to see you in Montreal!


2004-07-08 13:16:28
Oh, you've got me tempted. I never thought I'd be worried about XML until the Geography Markup (GML) came out. It's a growing area through the Open GIS Consortium for geospatial data.