Extreme Markup taking shape

by Simon St. Laurent

Related link: http://www.extrememarkup.com/extreme/

The Extreme Markup Languages conference is getting ready to take off, with tutorials and the first part of the schedule posted and late-breaking papers due next Friday.

I've never found a conference quite like this one. It's small and intense, but while it's about computers, certainly, it's not exactly about programming. It has a deep collection of prior conversations, but it's approachable to anyone who can stand to think really hard about presentations and discussions for hours on end.

Extreme let me rant with Playmobil last year, but one of the things I've enjoyed is how themes emerge across presentations even when it wasn't obvious from their titles. The interactions between tree structures (XML, for instance) and graph structures (RDF, databases, objects) was a constant theme last year, highlighting problems yet to be solved and techniques that might help address them.

Extreme definitely lives up to its name. If you care about data, Extreme is a great place to spend the first week in August. (Even if you're not an "XML person", you'll get to think a lot!) It doesn't hurt that it's in Montreal, either!


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