Fall-out from MS Win and IE with Java?

by Steve Anglin

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According to InfoWorld: "Microsoft must distribute Java technology from Sun in every copy of Windows and Internet Explorer that it ships." Of course, InfoWorld and CRN report that Microsoft plans to appeal this injunction.

For the time being though, Sun's stock price gets a much needed 6% boost in Nasdaq trading according to CNET. Given Sun's woes of late, there has been speculation concerning Sun Microsystems and Dell. Specifically, Dell may be interested in acquiring Sun assuming Dell had the financial leverage, which becomes more difficult with this boost in Sun's stock price. Anyway, Dell wants to expand its business into the server market.

What better way than to acquire Sun? However, what would happen to Java if this were to happen? That's the multi-billion dollar question; isn't it? Remember, Dell is currently a Microsoft shop; therefore, they're likely to be a .NET shop as well.

What would happen to Java if Dell acquired Sun? That's the multi-billion dollar question; isn't it?


2002-12-31 06:44:38
Dell is becoming an anybody shop
From what I've read, Dell has been moving away from being a Microsoft shop. They are at the forefront of delivering Linux to the data center, and are moving into the white box market. I think they've learned their lesson from using Microsoft based storage servers. Dell spends almost nothing on R&D and are focused on the manufacture of commodity hardware. Their low prices and successful direct sales model make them perfect for the OS-agnostic channel. The host for my site is a Dell machine running Linux, and I've been pleased.

Who knows what will happen to Java if Dell acquires Sun. I was thinking AMD and Sun would somehow come together (they are talking), but Dell may be a better match, and more likely to open source Sun IP interests.

2003-01-10 10:44:56
sell it to IBM
Dell could sell the Java platform to IBM.