Family snapshot

by Giles Turnbull

Aww, don't they look lovely together?


Most of it is what most of us expected. The display, in particular, will appeal to many with more pixels and the new glossy sheen. But the RAM and hard disk defaults seem a little stingy to me. And is it true that there's no built-in microphone any more (as pointed out on 2lmc's spool)? There's no mention of one on the tech specs page, but it seems very weird to have an iSight without a mic...

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2006-05-16 11:03:53
A mic is built-in as described by Apple's Comparisons page:
2006-05-16 11:08:07
There are two "holes" next to the camera: The Activity indicator for the isight and the microphone. THe camera doesn't make sense without a mic, does ist, ai I thin they didn't mention it separately because it is implicitly included with the "indegrated iSight".
2006-05-16 11:09:12
Somehow the comment preview didn't work for me, and it shows... Sorry for the bad spelling ;-)

2006-05-16 11:10:16
Thanks for clearing up the microphone issue, folks. I'm pleased to see I was mistaken :)
2006-05-16 11:10:54
Ooops. The above was, um, me.

2006-05-16 11:17:36
no no... think secret's pictures show a mic right on the other side of the isight camera...
2006-05-16 18:05:52
It's now on the tech specs page