Fashionably Late -- Rolling Stones Join iTunes Music Store

by Derrick Story

I wonder how much RealNetworks paid to have the exclusive Rolling Stones deal for two weeks? Hopefully not a lot. Because right now you can log on to the iTunes Music Store and choose from a catalog of 18 albums by Sir Mic and company.

Of course the real news isn't who landed the Stones first. What's exciting is that they're online at all. Originally they were cool to the downloadable music idea and reluctant to sign a deal. Regardless of what you think of the Stones, having one of rock's venerable groups withhold its blessing sends a message.

And having them join the online party sends another. I guess you could say they were fashionably late.

For purely selfish reasons, I'm happy to see them in the iTunes Store. I've been meaning to replace my defunct cassette tape of Exile on Main Street for years. Looks like I can download it tonight.