Faster EV-DO Coming

by Bruce Stewart

Road warriors will appreciate this week's announcement from Sierra Wireless about their new faster EV-DO cards. Sierra Wireless announced the EV-DO Revision A capable AirCard 595 which will double download speeds to 3.1 Mbps and increase upload speeds to 1.8 Mbps. The new AirCard 595 is backwards compatible with EV-DO Rel. 0 and will start shipping in the third quarter.


Sprint Nextel
2006-09-05 20:19:05
Even Greater Download Performance and Nearly 6-times the Upload Speed of EV-DO Rev 0, Get Ready to Welcome Mobile Broadband Rev A Network

Sprint - With the NFL Kickoff launch of the Marlin™ S720 by Novatel®, Sprint is the first CDMA wireless service provider to deploy next-generation Mobile Broadband Rev A EV-DO technology to the marketplace. Rev A Network enhancements will improve on the already industry-leading speed of the existing EV-DO network and solidify Sprint as an industry-leader in wireless broadband service.
With 40-million points of population (POP) scheduled for Q4 06 incrementally increasing to 220-million POP by Q3 07, Rev A will provide Sprint customers with the speed and coverage necessary to realize voice, data and application convergence with wireless and wire-line customer assets. Remaining compatible to the EV-DO Rev 0 network as well as 1xRTT, Rev A will ensure complete wireless data accessibility.
Ultimately, the Rev A EV-DO Network will supply Sprint customers with even greater download performance speeds and upload speeds nearly 6-times greater than they have today. With 220-million POP scheduled by Q3 07, the EV-DO Rev A Network will extend nationwide and will cover nearly 2/3 the U.S. population.

The Merlin™ S720 by Novatel® Launches a New Connection Card, Includes Built-in GPS Receiver

Sprint - Novatel® and Sprint are releasing the first in a series of Mobile Broadband Rev A Connection Cards on September 3, 2006...the Merlin™ S720. The S720 represents the first next-generation EV-DO Card to be released in preparation for the deployment of the EV-DO Rev A Network scheduled for Q4 06. Sprint is the first wireless service provider to offer next-generation EV-DO technology. No other wireless service provider has a faster wireless broadband network.
The Merlin™ S720 is compatible with Windows® 2000 and XP as well as tablet XP computers with Type II PC Card ports for the ultimate in wireless broadband access and convenience.
Newly designed with a high-performance flip-up antenna as well as a built-in external antenna port, the Merlin™ S720 arms customers with more tools for wireless access to Sprint's high-power EV-DO network.
The S720 is also GPS-capable with a built-in receiver. GPS Basic service - Phase 1 - is scheduled to launch in Q4 06 and GPS Premium - Phase 2 - is scheduled for 2007. With the availability of the Novatel® Merlin™ S720, Sprint customers can be the first to get ready for the increased benefit of the new EV-DO Rev A Network.
Dual-banded at CDMA 1900 & 800 MHz, the S720 is designed to function wherever the Sprint EV-DO network as well as Sprint data roaming partners are available.