Favorite Tiger Cross-App Tricks

by Derrick Story

I was thinking this morning about the little things in Mac OS X that make me smile. For example, someone had sent me a link to an interesting photo on a web page that I decided that I wanted to keep. In Safari, I simply CTRL-clicked on the picture and chose "Add image to iPhoto library." No fuss beyond that. It's just there next time I go to iPhoto.

Even though it's not new, I like the iChat alert in Mail.app. As I'm going through my mail, I can see which of my coworkers are online at the moment. Often I choose to IM them to answer a quick question. It's a handy feature.

The bulk of my SMS messages are actually sent via Address Book. I simply activate the Bluetooth button in AB, then use the "SMS message" option in the dropdown menu for the mobile phone number. Address Book gives me a much faster way to type my note, then sends it through my SE T637 phone.

There are dozens of these gems in Mac OS X. I was wondering if you'd mind sharing your favorites in the talkbacks below.


2005-08-12 20:59:53
save yourself service fees and send your SMS's via iChat.

Just send it to +15554442222 - ie "+1" and the number without any spaces.

People can reply to your sms and the replies will show up in the same window.

2005-08-13 01:37:23
Big Telephone Numbers
Yeah, it's another Address Book tip but one that I use a lot and that I really appreciate. We all know that the font used in Address Book (even if set to Extra Large in the preferences) is pretty small, particularly if you are trying to dial someone's number and have to move away from the screen to the phone. However, right-click on the telephone number and select "Large Type" and the telephone number practically fills the screen. My Windows-using colleagues love this one...

In it's basic form this function is great but it comes into its own when combined with Quicksilver so that you don't even need to change to the Address Book to get this feature - just a couple of key presses is normally sufficient.

2005-08-13 05:41:46
Another Safari Trick
"Mail Contents of this Page" can be found under the File menu. You and also use CMD-I. Really handy for sending your favorite weblog to a friend via email.
2005-08-14 01:31:23
It's all in the Services Menu!
This article made no mention of the Services menu, so I will. The "Services" menu being under the application name menu.

A lot of applications can be tremendously more valueable by offering relevant features as service in the service menu.

For example, now I'm typing into a text field in Safari on O'Reilly's web site. There's a word I want to use, but I'm not sure it means what I think it means. I would like to look it up in the dictionary. Having paid $400+ for Microsoft Office, I've had a dictionary and thesarus on my computer for many years now. However, to reference them I had to first launch word, then paste in the text to reference. And so I did that for years, then I upgraded to Tiger (command+control+D baby!).

by the way, the word was "the".

2005-08-14 11:54:55
Can you explain in a little more detail how you "just send it to" a phone number via iChat? Do you create a buddy associated with the number some how or is there some other mechanism? Thanks!
2005-08-14 17:47:48
That confused me initially as well. All you need to do though is choose New Chat under the file menu, then add in the window that comes up. Just enter the number as instructed. No need to add additional buddies.
2005-08-15 12:21:21
Add a buddy to iChat directly from Address Book
Here's a good one from MacOSXHints (http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20050808201803292&lsrc=osxh) .
2005-08-15 13:20:44
Clarification re SMSing in iChat: as far as I know it only works with US numbers.