FCC ramps up Internet-related activity

by Andy Oram

Related link: http://www.fcc.gov/ipwg/

Pushed by vendors and states to make policy in the area of Voice over IP, the FCC held a session today which filled every available room and was broadcast on CNN. Clearly, the Internet is going to be occupying an increasing amount of the FCC's time. Just after the VoIP forum, therefore, it announced a new Internet Policy Working Group. Now, let's not hear any kvetching from the libertarian set about how the Internet should stay unregulated--there are important issues that government has to address and this development is a good thing. The current FCC is, if anything, weighted against regulation. It's up to Netheads to keep it well informed and steer it toward rulings that are good for the public.

What should the FCC look at?


2003-12-04 01:23:44
US still under the impression that the internet is a US only thing?
How does the FCC (or the US government in general) think they can regulate the internet?
It's no longer (and hasn't been for years now) a US only venture.
While I agree that something has to be done to keep down the criminal use and general abuse of the 'net (spam is I fear just the first plague) any venture by a single nation (even one as large as the USA) is doomed to failure as the perpatrators will just move outside the jurisdiction of that nation.