Feature Request: BitTorrent Plugin For Darcs, Mercurial, etc.

by M. David Peterson

As per a comment I made to a post from Eric Larson to the internal Vibe* mailing list regarding the usage of Mercurial instead of Subversion for our RCS,

Of course maybe someone will come along and create a BitTorrent-based Darcs or Mercurial plug-in. Now *THAT* would be cool! :D

My point was in relation to the fact that with a decentralized RCS (which in most cases creates an exact copy of the repository with each checkout), as the size of the repository increases so does the cost of hosting that repository with each new checkout. But if a BitTorrent plugin were to suddenly surface?

Like I said, "Now *THAT* would be cool! :D"

Anybody care to become the *WORLDS BIGGEST ROCKSTAR CODER*? This would certainly be one way of becoming just that. :D