Fedora 7: Core no More

by Chris Tyler

Fedora 7 is about to be released (minutes), and it should prove to be one of the most interesting Fedora releases to date. The concept of Fedora Core and Extras -- on-disc and off-disk package sets, maintained by Red Hat employees and a mix of Red Hat / non-Red Hat contributors respectively -- has been abolished.

In its place is a single unified repository hosted, built, and distributed outside of Red Hat, with substantial contribution from Red Hat in employee time and financial resources.

So what software from the repository is 'on-disc'? Whatever software you want. There will be some initial ISO 'spins', but Fedora 7 provides tools to assemble any spin you want, either for installation or for use as a live disc. These spins can include any combination of Fedora and non-Fedora packages. So if you want a KDE-based live CD to give out at a seminar, or a server spin that includes your company's PHP scripts, or a Gnome-based USB version, you can easily make it.

This is an exciting day for the Fedora project, and I look forward to seeing the results of this experiment unfold.


2008-03-27 23:23:57
can anyone teel me how to set the environment variables in fedora 7