Fedora Core 3: Evolution 1.4 to 2.0

by Uche Ogbuji

The Evolution upgrade/migration wizard seemed to read everything just fine from my ~/evolution directory (Evoluton 2.x uses ~/.evolution instead). However, once the app came up none of the folders for my IMAP account (except for INBOX) appeared in the folders tree on the left-hand pane, even though they were all marked as
subscribed (in the Subscribe to Folders tool). I tried to trigger the migration tool again, in case it fixed things, and found that doing so is a tricky matter. Edd Dumbill outlined the basics for me, and I found more detail in this article.

But repeating the migration did not fix the missing folders problem, so I hopped on irc.gnome.org/#evolution (again suggested by Edd) and the resulting exchange is summarized in the bug report I filed. I ended up creating a detailed log of the IMAP communications, as explained on this page. In order for a helpful Evolution developer and IRC participant, "NotZed" to diagnose the problems.

It turns out that it is some quirk of the UW IMAP server that did not bother Evolution 1.4, but caused problems with Evo 2.x. Changing my IMAP namespace setting to "~/mail/%" at least showed the folders in the tree, though with a few spurious nodes also displayed. This was good enough to serve as workaround for my problem. Other settings (" /home/$user/mail/*" and "/home/$user/mail/%") suggested by NotZed did not work at all.

The alacrity with which I was able to get the bug fixed (NotZed was working with me on IRC and in the bug tracker simultaneously) is an oft-repeated story. This is the sort of support that makes FOSS the success it is. Evolution 2.0.2 is a very nice upgrade, now that I worked around the folders problems. It looks better (except that the four main category buttons do seem to take up too much real estate), and it's certainly more responsive.