Fedora Core 5 Test 2

by Chris Tyler

Fedora Core 5 Test 2 is expected to be released on Monday. This is the second of three installable ISO versions leading up to the eagerly-anticipated Fedora Core 5 release in mid-March. Although there are a few rough edges, this test release is shaping up very nicely (I'm running Rawhide, the package collection from which the test releases are built, on several machines).

What's new in Fedora Core 5?

  • Mono provides a .NET-compatible development and runtime environment. Poster-child Mono apps such as Tomboy, F-spot, and Beagle make their appearance on the Core desktop. Mono was a surprise addition made just this past week.

  • Xen 3 provides improved (semi-)virtualization capability.

  • Multi-category security (MCS) brings discretionary labelling to the Fedora SElinux implementation. This add new security options that are useful and friendly (and therefore likely to be used).

  • Package management has been greatly improved, with Yum integrated into Anaconda (the system installer) and the new Pirut (graphical package administration) and Pup (graphical updater) tools.

  • The X.org X Window Server has been updated to the modular 7.0 release and packaged for flexibility when installing.

  • GCC has been updated to 4.1, which brings stricter adherence to some language standards.

  • Gnome has been updated to 2.12, which seems more responsive than the 2.10 version used in FC4 (now that we're used to having a Desktop menu, it's being changed to System!)

  • Various kernel, driver, and desktop enhancements mean that more hardware runs "straight out of the box", and version bumps on many applications provide bug fixes and new features.

In three weeks, development will be frozen, and in mid-February we'll see Test 3. Allowing time for a few rounds of bug fixing, the final release is tentatively scheduled for March 16. (My book, Essential Fedora Linux, should appear on shelves just a few weeks later).

If you have a spare machine and a couple of hours this week, you can grab the Test 2 ISOs and preview Fedora Core 5 for yourself. Just be sure to report any bugs so they can be fixed before the final release!

Which FC5 features are you looking forward to using?


2006-01-22 14:47:04
Looking forward to Mono
I find it great that a linux distro is finally getting Mono! Sure, Mono is a ways behind MS .NET 2.0, but it's great to see this included. Ultimately, my view is that mono/.net is just a much better api for developers!
Amar kumar Padhi
2006-03-21 20:10:31
Good to hear about Mono. It is a cool project. But without the .Net ownership backing it, business setups may stay away from it. It is best left to Microsoft to support the open source project on Linux. As of now MS is interested in spreading .Net, but they may not be intrested in supporting it on Linux.