Fedora Core 6 - First Impressions

by Chris Tyler

Fedora Core 6 Test 2 is out (it's on the mirrors as test/5.91, even if not yet officially announced), revealing the feature set that is expected in the final Fedora Core 6 release in about two months' time.


2006-08-09 11:03:22
Can you give any impressions of FC6 vs Ubuntu 6?
I have to decide which distro to go with for my new laptop.
FCx seems to include features that are of more interest to large enterprise (SELinux, IPV6) but not necessarily a benefit to end users (SELinux). However FC6 also includes things by default that others do not e.g. Wine. Ubuntu seems more 'end user' oriented.
Any comment?
Chris Tyler
2006-08-12 10:04:22
I've played more with U5 than U6 so I can't yet comment on the relative strengths and weaknesses.

I'd argue that SELinux has value even for individual users, because it helps to harden the system against attack (think of the Windows environment, where just about eveyone uses an anti-virus product; SELinux is a better response to the same types of threats, since it is proactive instead of reactive). As the SELinux 'targeted' policy is gradually extended to more include more subsystems, the level of protection it provides will continue to grow.

2006-08-12 15:07:26
Ubuntu is much more solid and has much longer support. Go for Ubuntu if you need a workhose. Go for Fedora if you like in the living edge and like playing with semi working stuff until you get it to work.
2006-08-14 01:37:34
Mick Russom
2006-08-14 10:06:10
Did they finally allow non-ext3 root and other filesystems during install or do they still have an insane fetish for old stinky filesystems like ext3?
Chris Tyler
2006-08-14 19:26:32
Wow! "...an insane fetish for old stinky filesystems..." and "...playing with semi working stuff until you get it to work." Looks like Fedora is getting a bad rap (and over on Slashdot, too). I'll blog separately about why this rep isn't deserved.
2006-08-15 18:29:37
it won't boot on my test machine :-( darn test version. fedora 5 was ok, except that the updater was crap and always has been crap. old well, wonder what suse alpha 3 is like
2006-08-18 09:22:10
I believe you can install with most filesystems by selecting it at the boot prompt. i.e. at the first boot prompt type in linux xfs or linux reiserfs

2006-08-20 04:31:22
I have used multiple distros and have stayed consistent with Fedora since version 1, the installer is not crap (the gui versions have issues at times, but the base is fine). The issue with file systems like Reiser is that SELinux hasn't finalized support for it yet and SELinux is core to FC. Old stinky file systems? Laster year FC was benchmarked at creating a million files in 20 seconds under FC 4 I believe. Dunno if its the best, but that sure seems to rock.
2006-10-11 12:51:02
I wanted to go with Ubuntu when I first turned to Linix about a year ago (b/c my idealistic outlook), but there seemed to be more working rpms out ther e for Fedora. Now I hardly ever use rpms, so that doesn't matter much. I found that when comparing all linux distros Fedora and Ubuntu were very similar. Doesn't hurt that both were originally based on Gnome. I don't think you could go wrong with either distro.

Back to topic...

I tried to install Fedora Test 3 from a dvd iso and it kept encountering a bug. I'm waiting til Oct. 17th for the final version. Hopefully that one will install correctly.

2006-10-26 08:30:51
Quit bad mouthing FC. I have been using FC since core 2. And there is no such thing as partially working Fedora Core. I have been running Fedora Core 5 on 5 different Machines (One massive Mythtv Backend -with 4 TV Tuners) 3 mythtv frontends and 1 as my main server for http/email/app development.

And yes, I am running JFS on all my FC5 boxes, so it does let you install to other fs. I am sure Ubuntu is good. But I take FC on all others distros any day.

Josh Garn
2006-10-26 12:08:57
My first impression (like the one of many others as you can see on forums round the world) is that there is no first impression. FC6 freezes during the first minutes of installation (just when the actual installation is about to start) - and that is it. "Semi working stuff" as Justme wrote some days ago would be great - it isn't even that. Wait for the announced release of Ubuntu 6.10 if you want a Gnome-distro...
2006-10-27 19:58:03
FC 6 is another step in the most evolutionary distro available. I used RH before it, and all versions of FC since FC 1. I have yet to encounter anything partially working, yum and rpm work fine, as does anaconda in both text and GUI mode.

You have to understand you can't try and load it on your Commodore 64 and expect not to get something half working. Now go back to Africa and play with your Ubuntu.

2006-10-30 11:07:26
I am having a problem installing FROM an external USB DVD. anyone has a solution? FC5 allowed to add usb-storage to the list of storage drivers via a menu?
2006-11-11 01:07:03
I have been using FC1 -6. Have just upgraded FC5 installations and enabled Xen and about to upgrade mythtv to FC6. Upgrade methods have been tested via CD, http and NFS, all work. If your having problems look in the mirror
2006-11-28 03:18:02
I have decide to switch from a windows OS to fedora core 6. I have no experience with any unix software. I would be greatful for any begginer advice anyone could give me.
2006-12-29 12:46:29
Man without apt-get this distro suffers badly. Any ubuntu users that switch will be instanly fed up if they're used to apt-get (the #2 best app of all time).

p.s. screen is #1, simple genius

2007-02-05 14:52:05
Ive used slackware, knoppix, fedora, redhat, and solaris (tho thats unix not linux) and so far im liking fedroa best. The earlier versions sucked and crashed all the time, and compatability with hardware and software was hell. Since version four is when i really started likingthe distro. Five rocked, and six was five with nailpolish but had a few things taken out. The structure is almost exactly the same as Redhat. the newer versions do support install on reiser, xfs, and ext2 filesystems, but i dont see any reason youd want to. It does seem to knock a heavier load on the system than alot of other distros do, but newer systems will hardly notice. SELinux can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but its getting better as progress comes along. I usually just have it warn as i see it more a bother. One thing i never liked though is its almost no support for wireless.
2008-03-28 10:49:21
How do you install Zend Optimizer on an Appache server using ssh commands that has fodera 6 on it?

Thanks in advance,