Fedora on a Stick

by Chris Tyler

The development version of Fedora Core will now install on and boot from a USB drive without any initrd magic or special installer options. I've been testing with a USB-connected IDE drive, but look forward to using this feature with a USB stick ("thumb") drive. A 4 GB USB flash drive -- with a street price under $100 these days -- can comfortably hold a no-compromise desktop installation (Gnome, Firefox, Evolution, and OpenOffice included) with half the space free for user data.


2006-08-23 23:08:06
That's a great idea. I will prefer a USB Thumb drive than a Bootable CD.
2006-08-24 00:16:02
Cool, where can I get that image :)
Chris Tyler
2006-08-24 06:25:56
To install on a USB stick now, you'd need to download a boot image from the Fedora development servers and then do a network installation to the USB drive. But in about 6 weeks you can install from ISO to USB when Fedora Core 6 is released. Maybe they should also release some USB images that can be directly copied to a flash drive...
2006-10-30 10:45:35
I have successfully installed FC6 on a 4G Supertalent USB drive. MAN IS THIS COOL!!! This was quite nice as I had installed FC5 a few weeks ago on that drive, and had to do the 'initrd magic' you mentioned. The only problem I've had was from accepting the swap partition default at 960 MB (the size of the RAM on the machine I was using for install) and that severely limited free space on the drive. However... a little LVM magic cured that :)
2007-12-25 09:37:55
i wana do it but am a noob to linux yet.. may i hv the instructions please?
2008-02-22 02:15:42
Hi, How can i configure a USB thumb so that when i insert the stick, system boots to linux, and to XP otherwise? My system supports booting from USB.