Feed of the Year

by Alan Graham

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Since the start of December, Feedster has been counting down the the Feed of the Year and has reached the Top 10.

Now there are a lot of countdowns and contests this time of year, but unlike many, this particular one was created to recognize excellence in blogging. A panel of independent judges reviewed each Feed of the Day from the past year and rated them for uniqueness, freshness, presentation, usability, and community. They then took the top 31 and started counting them down in order by rank.

Well today marks the final Top 10 countdown and one of these:

The Apple Blog
information aesthetics
Things That Make You Go ..Hmm
Lost Remote
Double-Tongued Word-Wrester Dictionary
Sepia Mutiny
Breast Cancer Blog
Population Statistic

will be crowned Feed of the Year and will win a video iPod. The second and third place winners will receive iPod Nanos. If you want to discover some great talent in the sphere, then take a look at finalists 11-31, and be sure to follow the countdown daily.

Disclaimer: I am the Community Liaison for Feedster.