Feedster: Feed of the Year Winners

by Alan Graham

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I mentioned before that Feedster was running a Feed of the Year countdown to honor some of the best (not necessarily the most popular) bloggers out there. Over the holiday we announced the winners:

Feed of the Year: Workbench
Second Place: Treehugger
Third Place: Double-Tongued Word-Wrestler

Roger Cadenhead of Workbench had this to say:

"I'm completely geeked -- Feed of the Year is the first award I've
won in 10 years of publishing on the web. Ten long years of being
overlooked by the Webbys, Bloggies, Nobel and MacArthur Genius

I feel like teen-age Courtney Cox being plucked onstage to dance
with Bruce Springsteen, but with a less butch haircut.

I've been blogging at Workbench for six years, and the experience
is ruining me for any other form of writing. I can sit at home in
my pajamas, a cone of Dorito's crumbs fanning out across my
chest, and write for a worldwide audience that doesn't have any
demands on the topics I'll cover. No editors, no business plan,
and no clue what I'll be reporting tomorrow.


And while the media and bloggers often go on and on about blogging and politics...blogging and journalism...blogging and technology...they often forget to mention that there is a vast topical universe of blogging out there we should clue the world into.

I asked Doc Searls to comment on the importance of blogs:

Blogs -- really good ones -- aren't finished work. They're alive. They have pulse and personality. Like human beings, they converse. They involve themselves in the topics their writers care about. They look to move subjects forward, to have effects. They are expressions of utility rather than futility. They are read and pointed to because they are interesting and good for the world. Just like their authors.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Take a look at the winning sites, and why not also explore the other Top 28.