FFOSS (Freeware/Free & Open Source Software) Friday

by Todd Ogasawara

Here's my weekly summary of Freeware, Open Source, and free web services mentioned in my personal blog last week.

PongSaver: Mac OS X Screensaver
In a retro-mood? Check out this freeware Mac OS X screensaver from Rogue Amoeba...


The description from the website says it is an OS X screensaver/clock which keeps time by using the score of a game of Pong.

InkScape 0.45
The Open Source multiplatform InkScape 0.45 vector graphics drawing application was updated on February 5. Some of the new features described on InkScape site are: Most notably is the new Gaussian Blur feature, which allow softly and naturally blurring Inkscape objects like path, shapes, groups, text, and images. Gaussian blur enables a wide range of photorealistic effects: arbitrarily shaped shades and lights, depth of field, drop shadows, glows, etc. Also, blurred objects can be used as masks for other objects to achieve the "feathered mask" effect.

Democracy Internet TV
The multiplatform Open Source Democracy Internet TV version 0.95 was just released. The first quick gotcha (only if you use it with Windows) is that the Windows Firewall intercepts its outgoing network request (presumably for updates and torrent files) and errors out the first time around. If you squint, you can probably see the Python trackback error messages in the screen cap here. Subsequent starts errored twice before the player started up.