FFOSS (Freeware/Free & Open Source Software) Friday

by Todd Ogasawara

Here's a summary of Mac Freeware & Free & Open Source Software (F/FOSS) discussed last week in my personal blog.

MediaFork 0.8.0b1
According to comments on the HandBrake site, this...

MediaFork 0.8.0b1

...release is authorized fork of HandBrake and that the two projects intend to join forces sometime in the future. Like HandBrake, MediaFork is an Open Source DVD to MPEG-4 converter. The site says it is available for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. However, as far as I can tell only the Mac OS X version is currently available for download.

Blender 2.43: 3D Modeling & Animation
The Open Source multiplatform (Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows) 3D modeling and animation software...

Blender 2.43

...got both an upgrade and a new site on Feb. 18. The announcement page only talks about the website :-). But, it looks like you can see what's new in the 2.4 point release on...

this feature list page.

Flip4Mac(tm): Use Windows Media Files on Your Mac
Microsoft stopped providing Windows Media Player for the Mac a while ago. Fortunately, they made some sort of agreement to provide the play only version of Telestream's...


...that lets you play Windows Media audio and video files on your Mac. This is really useful since many sites only provide Real or Windows Media streaming. I use it, for example, to listen to NPR streams.

PostgreSQL for Mac
I wrote about installing PostgreSQL on Windows yesterday. So, it seemed like a good idea to talk about the Mac today. The PostgreSQL website doesn't show any native Mac OS X binary download. However, there is something called...

PostgreSQL for Mac

This is not a ready-to-run server for the Mac, however. Instead, it is a... Collection of GUI tools and installations for the day to day use and administration of PostgreSQL servers both on and from a Mac OS X environment.

To satisfy my curiousity, I downloaded the source code for PostgreSQL and unpacked it on my MacBook.

Frets On Fire (game)
Frets On Fire is a game of musical skill and fast fingers. The aim of the game is to play guitar with the keyboard as accurately as possible.

This Open Source game is available for both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows (as well as Linux and BSD).

You can find a demo video (19.7MB AVI file) available here: Frets On Fire demo video. It is quite entertaining (though slightly not work-safe).


2007-03-02 10:13:05
"PostgreSQL" The worst named product in programming history perhaps. People still argue about how to say it. No doubt the developers are kicking themselves that the didn't use something more catchy in place of Postgre. 'My' perhaps...
2007-03-02 11:02:04
That fact that PostgreSQL has survived and remains popular is clearly not due to its name, but rather the quality of its underlying technology. MySQL on the other hand....
2007-03-03 11:21:12
From http://handbrake.m0k.org/ on 3 March 2007, 14

"...and then there was one

I am proud to announce that HandBrake and MediaFork have now officially joined as one. Many thanks to titer and the entire MediaFork development and support staff for making this possible.

The next public beta release will be called HandBrake - most likely, version 0.9.0 beta 1 (reflecting the many new features that will be available). This is expected to be released in the next 2-3 weeks."

I read that as there will no longer be a MediaFork.

Eric Mulder
2007-03-03 13:10:32
you can download a installer package for postgreSQL at http://www.entropy.ch/software/macosx/postgresql/

This particular package was built with support for:

GNU Readline library (means you have a command history in the interactive psql interpreter, use the up and down keys)
JDBC drivers (in /usr/local/pgsql/share/java)
Multibyte / Unicode
OpenSSL integration