FFOSS (Freeware/Free & Open Source Software) Friday

by Todd Ogasawara

BitRocket: Mac oS X BitTorrent Client
I mentioned the popular multi-platform Open Source Azureus BitTorrent client a while back. One comment to that blog item was a recommendation to try...


NeoOffice 2.1
The Open Source OpenOffice.org's Mac OS X version requires X11 to run. However, this is a native Mac OS X port...

NeoOffice 2.1

Google Desktop for Mac
Google Desktop has been available for Windows for a couple of years. On April 4, Google released the Mac version...

Google Desktop for Mac

The installer also includes Google Updater which checks all installed Google products and lets you know if one needs to be updated.

The indexer is still indexing my Mac and is saying that it may take a couple of hours. So, it will be a while until I can search through my system. However, even with a partial index, it looks pretty good even with Spotlight already available in Tiger.

Speedtest.net: Check Your Broadband Speed
There are a number sites that provide an estimate of your broadband speed. However,...


...has the advantage of having a nice UI with good feedback during testing. It claims my system has 4.9Mbps downstream and 312Kbps upstream speed with a 70ms latency.

auch - audio--checker
Here's an interesting FOSS app that describes itself as s a gnuplot-like program to visualize harmonics and test the effect of digital and analog filters...

auch - audio--checker

It might seem a bit on the esoteric side, but go take a look at the graphical representation of sound it produces. The Windows version has been out for a while now. The Mac OS X version (Tiger only) is labeled as experimental.


2007-04-13 15:09:18
I've tried bitrocket, wanted to like it but after radom crashes and very slow down low i eventally settled on Bit on Wheels.
2007-04-14 01:43:21
audio-checker link not working :-)