FFOSS (Freeware/Free & Open Source Software) Friday

by Todd Ogasawara

AbiWord: Multi-Platform Word Processor
Sat, 13 Oct 2007 21:36:29

AbiWord 2.4.6 is a multi-platform Open Source word processor. I recall using it for a few months on a notebook running Microsoft Windows several years ago. I tried out an early version (1.0 beta release I believe) of OpenOffice.org and have not revisited AbiWord since then.

It's interesting that AbiWord is available for Windows and Mac OS X (as well as Linux) while the OpenOffice.org project still can't figure out how to build a native Mac OS X version yet (even though the NeoOffice Project has a solution for them ready-to-go).

Windows Live SkyDrive Grows from 512MB to 1GB
Thu, 11 Oct 2007 22:54:35

Windows Live SkyDrive (Microsoft really needs to come up with shorter product names) bumped up its online storage capacity from 512MB to 1GB. Um, ok, this is better. 5GB would be nicer though :-). According to the SkyDrive Team Blog, three other features were also just added. (1) RSS Feeds are now available for public folders. (2) You can share a file with someone by just typing in an email address (vs. selecting from a Hotmail address book).

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Jaiku Becomes a Google Site of the Lost
Tue, 09 Oct 2007 21:39:38

Google acquired the Twitter super-clone Jaiku. Jaiku is the twitter-like social network micro-blog presence (enough buzzwords yet???) web service. Like other sites before it acquired by Google, it will remain available to existing users but is essentially closed to new members. Google has developed a habit of buying great web services and then closing its doors for a long time. Remember the JotSpot wiki service?

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Findbyclick: User Contributed Map Locations
Mon, 08 Oct 2007 22:43:31

Findbyclick.com advertises itself as The easiest way to find interesting places, add new ones and share maps with your friends. But, most of the so-called interesting places seem to be Starbucks and Kinkos locations. Still, its an interesting idea. And, I suppose as more people contribute, we'll see other, umm, interesting things located on its maps.

Senuti 0.50 Beta 2: Copy Media Files from an iPod to a Mac
Sun, 07 Oct 2007 21:04:18

I mentioned recently that my Mac mini bit the dust. Although everything should be backed up to an external Firewire drive, I decided to get a second option for my iPod data just-in-case.

Senuti 0.50 Beta 2

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2007-10-19 08:51:40
Wow. Abiword launches really fast on my ancient 450MHz PowerPC machine. Bet it will fly on my Intel Macbook. Looks nice and clean too unlike the mess Openoffice is turning into (which is necessary if they want it to mimick the MS Office mess).
Ned Baldessin
2007-10-19 14:29:28
Jaiku isn't a Twitter clone. If anything, it's the other way round, because Jaiku existed long before Twitter.

Twitter was heavily inspired by Jaiku, the basic idea is the same, but by slimming things down, simplifying, and getting rid of the most geeky features, they made it "edible" for the masses. So that's an achievement in itself.