FFOSS (Freeware/Free & Open Source Software) Friday

by Todd Ogasawara

Sat, 24 Nov 2007 23:19:17

This one falls a bit out of my usual categories list (freeware, Open Source, free downloadable content, or interactive web service). However, I've been thinking and speaking a lot about Enterprise Knowledge Capture as it relates to an aging workforce in my day job. And, like many other people I have parents that are aging (doing well so far!). And, of course, me and my fellow Baby Boomers are aging too. So, I figured some fellow baby boomers might find this site interesting/useful...


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Sandy Your Personal Email Assistant
Wed, 21 Nov 2007 22:45:26

Sandy Your Personal Assistant
Sandy Your Personal Email Assistant comes from values of n. This is the group led by former O'Reilly CTO Rael Dornfest. They previously launched stikkit which used a similar natural language interpreter to schedule events.

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Internet Archive: Moving Image Archive
Tue, 20 Nov 2007 20:43:32

The long holiday season the U.S. starts with Thanksgiving weekend (and the Black Friday store sales). Here's something to let you you legally load up videos for your travels whether short or long...

Internet Archive: Moving Image Archive

...contains thousands of free movies, films, and videos.

Mapdaze: Maps for Facebook Photos
Sun, 18 Nov 2007 22:07:46

Hmm, should I create a separate category for Facebook applications? In any case, here's an interesting looking Facebook application: Mapdaze Photo Map. It is a mashup that lets you use Google Maps to display the locations of photos in your Facebook account. You need a Facebook account to read more about this and use it.


2007-12-10 00:17:06
Todd, your reviews are very useful. It's great that we can read your expert opinion before spending hours on testing different tools. Could you review the tool I've found recentely? It's called Wrike http://www.wrike.com/. I've looked around the site and found that it's probably used by thousands of people already and I still don't know anything about it. Could you review this one? I believe they have a free basic version too.