Fibre to the Curb: Recipe for Isolation

by Tom Bridge

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When I heard that my friend Mike was considering dumping his cable modem and moving to DirecTV, I asked him what he was going to do about connectivity. He wasn't sure yet, he was considering DSL options, but was leaning away from the DirecTV satellite option. One of the engineers in the building in which I work had bragged to me the other day that he'd just gotten FIOS service and that it was just blazingly fast. I asked him where it was available, and it turns he lives just up the street from my friend Mike.

Mike called Verizon, and had FIOS about two weeks later. They put in the fibre box with a battery backup just inside his back door, and he was all set. The whole install is two small boxes, one the side of an old-school wall-hanging telephone, and the small interface box for the router. Last night I went over to Mike's for the weekly poker game, with every intention of trying out his new fat pipe. I took my laptop with me, and figured I'd try to download what I hadn't been able to finish in 6 hours at the office: the latest Tiger Dev seed.

The final results were incredible. The 2.2GB disk image downloaded in just under an hour. The connection, even over an 802.11g wireless network, was nothing short of astounding. The best part? This was the cheapest version, $40 a month ($15/mo less than my DSL...) which is 5Mbps pull, 2Mbps push. For another $10 you get 15Mbps pull, 2Mbps push.

Verizon is hoping to spread the service beyond Falls Church, VA in coming months, but there's no official timetable for anything beyond the current installations. But man, I'd sure love to have it at my place.

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2005-04-25 02:06:55

Can you get this naked?
2005-04-25 05:27:51
Yeah, Mike has it naked. No phone line required. The house he lives in was on their network prior to his arrival, so they just had to change out the interface box.