by Imran Ali

I want one. Gizmodo and Slashgear are reporting the launch of another Linux handset today, the FIC-GTA001. A little sexier than Trolltech's Greenphone, the FIC handset has some very interesting features, including GPS, multi-touchscreen gestures (like a MacBook touchpad) and most significantly a Linux SDK.

WIth Trolltech, FIC, Tuxphone and ROAD, it seems the open-source handset movement is finally gathering pace...perhaps enough to start scaring a few carriers into opening up? The future's bright :)


2006-11-08 00:45:42
did you know, that "fic" sounds like "fick" (german for "fuck")?
Funny headline. :o)
Bruce Stewart
2006-11-08 17:46:56
These do look cool. I'm not finding much info on when they'll be available, but I did get a kick out of the banner across the top of FIC's web site proclaiming "FIC Recommends Windows XP".
2006-11-08 17:59:01
Very cool, can't wait to get my greasy mitts on one.