Fila Finger Watch

by brian d foy

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I started running about two years ago because I somehow got it into my head that I wanted to run a 10K, perhaps to cross it off the list of things I need to do in life.

If I wore a sports watch while running, not only did it irritate my wrist, but I could not really look at it while in full stride. Either the display was too small to let me figure out the numbers as it bounced around, or I had to fumble with buttons to get the display I wanted.

That watch died one day in Fallujah (I guess water-resistant can mean just about anything), so I want to get another one when I get back to the States. Fila Finger Watch looks like it was made by runners for runners---it has a large digital display and you wear it on your finger, so it is usually already angled towards your eyes. Technology and design in the same product. Beautiful.

I also saw a USB thumb device that was an MP3 player. Plug it into your computer to load it up with 16 hours of music, then plug it into its little holder that is even smaller than the micro-sized sports radios I have seen. Too bad I do not listen to music when I run, or I might have wanted that too.

What technology do you use when you exercise?