by M. David Peterson

Update: So I've now got things set-up such that there are several default/built-in collections, and for now have updated the client-side XSLT to access the APP service document @ /service/pub/, access each of the related Atom feed-based collections, and create a simple report that outputs the detailed info for each collection, and if there are any entries (which by default, there is not), will iterate over each entry and output a report of each.

A couple of screen shots to help warm each of your AtomPub-enabled hearts,



I also spent some time and quickly added an AtomProvider class to the DynamicWebServiceHelpers project for IronPython provided by Microsoft such that you could load collection feeds served by by Amplee from the IP console app. Take a look at the sample provided with this same sample project to gain a feel for how to use it.

Oh, I've checked the updated code into SVN, and updated the ClickOnce app as well. For more detail (URI's, etc.), please see the end of this post.

Tomorrow I will be adding in the ability to add/update/delete entries in each collection to then take these entries and mash them up with with any external web feed, outputting the result in a reusable ModuleT to be rendered on any system which supports ModuleT (At present time AIM Pages as well as the built in capabilities I will be adding to the Xameleon code base to render them locally.) If you take a look at the or the from the same DWSH project, it should become pretty obvious how the combination of IronPython, Amplee, AtomicXML, ModuleT, and LiveClipboard will enable some pretty amazing mashup capabilities that bring together REST, WS-*, APP, and/or any given Atom/RSS web feed, combining them together in any way you can imagine, and making them reusable and shareable with nothing more than a simple copy/paste of the LiveClipboard scissor icon.

Fun times ahead, but for now, however: Sleep ;-)

Bye... :D


Sylvain Hellegouarch
2007-03-17 12:42:03
Ha this is brilliant news.

To people thinking "well doh! there is nothing exciting there on his screenshot"... I can tell you that you will soon see that it ain't nothing. As Dave says the code that runs locally on your machine is an AtomPub instance and therefore in Python but running within IronPython and thus interfacing with the entire .NET framework.

There is a lot more behind the scene that will make this apparently dull screenshot into something very refreshing :)

M. David Peterson
2007-03-17 13:41:48
Nicely stated, Sylvain! :D
Asbjørn Ulsberg
2007-03-19 06:51:46
Nice work! Not only is the XSLT useful, but getting the whole IronPython environment up and running like this and explaining how to do it is just wonderful! Hereby! :-)
M. David Peterson
2007-03-19 10:24:57

Gracias, Amigo, much appreciated! :)

2007-12-12 16:01:20
Great stuff. I'll put this link on my blog.