Finally, an O'Reilly XQuery book

by Simon St. Laurent

For years, the most frequent question people asked at conferences when I described myself as O'Reilly's XML editor was "when are you going to have an XQuery book?" My usual answer was "when it's cooked." XQuery isn't completely cooked yet, but we've found a way to share what we're publishing on it while we're waiting for completion.

We've made Priscilla Walmsley's upcoming XQuery available as a Rough Cut. About half of the book is posted today, with more to come over the next few weeks. It's a solid introduction to a complex but powerful specification.

O'Reilly is already using XQuery internally for a number of projects, just one example of how even though the specification hasn't been signed and sealed, it's getting used. It's a bit unusual for us to publish a book in Rough Cuts so long before print publication, but if you're one of the early adopters, hopefully you'll find it useful.


Kurt Cagle
2006-07-13 13:36:46
Simon (and Priscilla),

Good luck with this. I've written parts of two XQuery books that were VERY early in the cycle, and while I find I've become more excited about the technology over time, I would actually like to see one out there that actually represents the spec in its final form.

-- Kurt