Finally is all starting to look like plumbing in XML

by Uche Ogbuji

I've heard it 1000 times since '97. "XML, it's just plumbing". Maybe, but it hasn't really felt that way in past years. Too much was still unsettled, and and there were too many people who were not interested in letting things settle (including me). On the rebound from 2 very enjoyable XML conferences, XML Prague and Extreme Markup Languages, it does finally feel to me that the era of absent-minded XML pipe-laying is upon us. I think that's a good thing, especially now that XML is well enough established that few people choose to build edifices without it. This does mean that we have established what I've always characterized as a basic writing system for data integration, and now the really fun stuff can begin as the philosophers and politicians work on libraries to suit their schools (yeah, I know I'm starting to pile up the metaphors, and why not?)


2007-08-22 15:39:39
Services are not just plumbing. Pipes could carry gasoline and the faucets would still work. XML is plumbing because it doesn't care what is between the brackets. The web is plumbing because it barely cares what is inside the wrapper.

Services have expectations. The problem is state and will always be state.

You can lead a client to the server but you can't make it drink.

Good series, U.O..