Financial connection explored between Microsoft and Tom Delay

by Andy Oram

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Tom Adelstein writes that a subtle but visible trail connects Bill Gates and Microsoft to the scandals Tom Delay has been fending off. Backroom deals are usually carefully buried and very extended, so it's hard for a member of the general public to judge what is significant and what isn't. But certainly there's material here the press and the Congress should be looking at.


2005-06-27 14:35:17
The Microsoft Connection
Congressional Democrats lost interest in the Tom Delay scandal when they discovered that several in their own ranks had taken benefits from the same people under almost identical circumstances. It's all part of the incredibly messy, grey world of what someone can do for a politician and what they can't. Moralizing about legal technicalities is a bit silly.

Besides, real crooks take in money like LBJ and Gore's dad did, laundering it through their businesses. If you wanted to pay off LBJ, you took out ads on his wife's TV station. If you wanted to pay off Gore's dad, you bought one of his "prize cattle" and didn't bother to take it home.

And why fuss over the "subtle but visible trail" between Gates and Delay, when an all too obvious ones exist in the industry--Al Gore on the board of Apple or all the money Silicon Valley billionaires are pouring into Democratic coffers? I consider the Clinton administration's pursuit of Microsoft one of the few good things it did, but it has given Gates a reason to get revenge by putting his money on the Republicans against the rest of the high-tech billionaires. A pox on them both I say. I don't like seeing my vote swamped by someone else's money.

And I'm not naive. If Microsoft had poured the kind of money Enron poured into Democratic coffers, there'd have never been an anti-trust lawsuit against them. Microsoft got stomped on because it ignored the influence game too long. Founded by a lawyer's son, it put too much trust in its lawyers.

--Mike Perry, Seattle

2005-06-27 14:59:28
The Microsoft Connection
"And I'm not naive. If Microsoft had poured the kind of money Enron poured into Democratic coffers, there'd have never been an anti-trust lawsuit against them."

Microsoft's lobbying efforts eclipse Enron

That took about fifteen seconds of digging on the internet.

Settle down, Mike. You'll make yourself old.

Thomas Hanson
2006-03-09 08:42:18
Explore this too!

"Abramoff planned to purchase term life insurance on Tigua elders and collect the death benefitsas they died. It was an imaginative ida by which the death of tribal elders wuld pay for lobbying services for those left behind. It was more than the Tigua Tribal Council could stomach."

"Abramoff found another niche market to which the evangelical Reed could connect him: dying African American Christians. If Reed could, as he promised Abramoff voters, deliver 85,000 Christian voters, Abramoff must have assumed he could deliver enough dying black Christians to create a new revenue stream. In July 2003, Abramoff e-mailed Reed regarding Black Churches Insurance program. Per our discussion. Let me know how we can move forward to chat with African American elders. IT CAN BE HUGE!" Texas Observer August 26, 2005, page 19

Ole, Jackie boy wasn't the first to come up with DEAD PEASANT INSURANCE idea! They tried to run it in Texas! What a coincidence, TEXAS!!! On State Retired Officials, DEAD PEASANT INSURANCE....what a scam!

Check this out! They been running it already and the ignorant public hasn't figured it out yet! SEE! click on Hotspots and go to bottom! See Congressional Hearing! Evidence turned in on FAKE FOSTER CARE DEATH FATALITY REPORTS! Plus evidence on fake falsified and corrupt CPS/Foster Care cases!

It was covered up! Tom DeLay and Lutheran Social Services Head Senske the lawyer showed up to Thwarth a Congressional Investigation on June 6, 2004, when the evidence was brought to DC, where it was buried just like the DEAD FOSTER CHILDREN!!!

Here are the FAKE REPORTS!
See Texas "0" and New York "0"

Now Read this!
"52 foster care deaths in 01', Betsy claims'

See it says, "32" in 02.

Somebody has some Splainin' to do!!!

Here are ones turned in as Congressional evidence! The link will not come up on this one, sometime after it was turned in as evidence this phenonmen took place, you have to manually type in link.

See how it says, 2000, Texas "1" and New York "2", How come NY Daily News says "22 or 23", for New York, and then go to Texas State Comptroller website and go to search, put in "Forgotten Children" click on it and go to page 220 FATALITY REPORTS for State Care, see how it says 2000, "21" and "44" for 2002, oh and the DHS reports for New York how come they say 2001, and the article says "52", and Texas says "3", and the Comptroller report says "38". Oh they are falsified starting in 99, 2000, 2001, 2002 and probably beyond, YOU BEEN DUPED - TRICKED and FOOLED! For Federal funding...TAX DOLLAR STYLE!!

Someone has some more Splainin' to do............told you Abramoff didn't think of idea by self he ain't that bright! Look at him, he is about 59 watts short of a 60 watt light bulb!

Here is the Motive! PURE GREED!

Here is where legislation was put to take life insurance out on foster care children, it wasn't put in the Foster Care legislation DUMMY, that is the first place you would have noticed it! They put it here SEE!
Near end under Option C

Then upped to 500% higher limits on Foster Care children!

Don't tell the Christians, they might get mad!

Copy the links and print they get mad at this getting out! They don't like it! Tell others fast!

Oh, Tom DeLay showed up with Lutheran Social Services Head Senske the lawyer in Washington DC to thwarth a Congressional Investigation where the FAKE FATALITY REPORTS were turned in along with mountains of cases on falsified evidence, fake cases, corruption etc, it was buried, just like the DEAD CHILDREN!


Who collected the life insurance money?

I know they aren't spending it all on the casket after the 5005 increase on the life insurance limits, not with those shoddy funerals!

How is the politically connected group foster home the fiduciary?

How is the politically connected group foster home hava
ing an insurable interest when the State pays the bills?

Isn't this like taking life insurance out on hospital patients or senior citizens in residential homes or nursing homes. Oh I forgot they tried to run a DEAD PEASANT LIFE INSURANCE SCAM on State Retired officials, you better not retire ! I guess the scam has been working on the Children.

How come the KEYE TV investigation says the children were drugged in lethal combinations not recommended by FDA for adults let alone children, and the group foster homes had inhouse pharmacies and the children have been restrained to death too in state crooked care.!

Oh, if you want the cassette tape with Tom DeLay speaking with san Antonio Judges you can order it here! Bill Stephens Productions, Inc. 320 Stewart Street, Reno, NV 89502 or call 1-800-322-4422. In 2003, speeches with Judges!!!

Someone has some Splainin' to do!

Oh, read Judicial Cannon!

Oh, and look!

Doesn't his wife belong to CASA? Cuz he says its all for kids remember!

Guess what? Judges, TDPRS on Board and lawyers! What a coindidence! Question: Since the family lawyers say it is all legal and good why not let public in on it! Plus other Judges spouces may want in on ACTION! Judges spouce testifies against the parents in court, and has the Post adoptive Therapy contracts! Remember it is all legal and good according to family law lawyers and public likes it too so we need to get word out on the GOOD DEEDS!

I was wondering about the Contracts on Therapy in Bexar County San Antonio TX how come they were not signed and amended 11 times with NO DATES OR SIGNATURES, doesn't local TDPRS award the small contracts, cuz it started out at $10,000 and then in 3 years made over $500,000, that is alot of burritos buddy! How do other Therapist get this gig? It is all for the kids remember, ALL FOR THE KIDS! Repeat that! That is alot of burritos buddy.

How come state audits say "NO WAY OF KNOWING SERVICES BILLED EVETR PROVIDED?" Just wondering? That is all! Can other Judges spouces testify against the parents to and get their kids taken away, and if they do can their spouces or relatives get the therapy contracts its only fair since it is all legal and good!

Oh, just wondering how come Rick Perry came to Bexar County in San Antonio, TX and said, "Don't Point Fingers" on TV WOAI, from Republican Judge John Specias Court room!!

Hey on the Russia trip who was translator?

I noticed TDRS, and lawyers and Judges on CASA, read and learn read an d learn!


Someone has some Spainin to do!

Hey, remember the kids found in Nigeria, and the woman who adopted them worked for Haliburton, it was awful nice of Ken Lay to donate to Spaulding adoptions, the adoption agency that adopts the kids out and that gets State funding, it was awful nice for KENNY BOY ENRON BOY to give to Spaulding adoptions.

Which Congressman handled that investigation? Just wondering cuz they forgot tot charge with CHILD TRAFFICKING CUZ see they were found in NIGERIA, I think that is a different country, at least the new legislation to move children accross state lines is good, cuz its all for the CHILDREN all for the children how nice of them to help the children like that its all for the children!