FindBugs Session: Notes

by Tim O'Brien

Sitting in the FindBugs session, it's pretty interesting. The last time I interacted with static analysis it was a product from Parasoft (?) and it wasn't that compelling. FindBugs looks interesting, simple, and is integrated with Hudson. Everyone seems to be moving to Hudson, Kohsuke has created a very compelling CI server.


Corba the Geek
2008-05-08 13:21:37
CheckStyle has many of the same checks and has many more style checks as well.
Julio Aguilar
2008-05-08 17:28:55
I preiodically execute PMD and FindBugs in our Java projects with custom sets of rules/filters.
I've learned a lot from both tools.
2008-05-08 19:38:56
I've been using FindBugs since I saw the JavaOne presentation in...2005 I think (or was it 2004?). I don't use it every day, but I run it every so often and I find it an invaluable tool in improving a code base.